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Hello! Welcome to INDIE MOVIE MARKETING. If you’re a filmmaker seeking distribution for your completed narrative or documentary film, we can help you! We specialize in films that don’t fit into more “traditional” festival or studio programming. If you’ve made ANY KIND of a non-mainstream film (no budget, cult, grindhouse, whatever), give us a call.

There are literally hundreds of distributors and thousands of worldwide media buyers constantly on the lookout for non-studio movies to release on VOD, DVD, Streaming, and Cable TV. Odds are there’s someone looking for exactly what you’ve made! If this appeals to you, check out and give us a call or email. The AMERICAN FILM MARKET (AFM) is coming up soon, but it’s not too late to get you on the path to finding real, quality distribution for your film.

  • Low Budget
  • Micro-Budget
  • No-Budget
  • Cult
  • Grindhouse
  • Exploitation
  • Horror
  • Zombie
  • Religious
  • Political
  • Personal/Etherial
  • No “A-List” Stars
  • Urban
  • Comedy
  • Period
  • Western
  • Everything Else

We’ve done it for ourselves. We’ve done it for our friends. We’ve done it for our other clients. Let us help you!


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